I get it!

Getting in front of the camera is super uncomfortable, I am definitely not at the stage where this comes easy for me, but I was thinking, does it ever? Can we use this excuse as the years fly by us and our family gets older. Photographs are for you, we don’t have to share our images with the world. No one ever looks back at a photo and questions the reasons why they were taken, they are just thankful they have them.

So if you ever feel that you want photographs taken but something keeps you from being in them, please ask yourself the following questions:

Will anyone care how I looked?

Will my loved ones care if it only got 10 likes on Instagram

Will my loved ones hold a memory of that day when they look back at the picture.

I promise you, no-one regret a photo with their babies, and they will thank you for it.

Could you imagine if that one snap decision you make today to get your photographs taken with your family is the image in 50 years’ time that sits on a mantle of a future family member that they cherish so much.

How cool would that be?