Hi, I'm Jaime,

and I love photography so much! I love capturing fun and chaos with families and the precious details of newborns, all the things that you look back on and realise those moments were fleeting, time is a thief right?

Things about me..

  • I'm super awkward in front of the camera, that's why it's important for me to take images that doesn't force posing as I know first hand how uncomfortable it is.
  • Im a Box set binger
  • I love cocktails, margarita, cosmo, french martini, ALL of them
  • I'm the quietest in a group of strangers, the loudest in a group of friends
  • I'm a Mum of 1 girl, Auntie of 7 boys, so I fully understand the busy chaotic life but I also appreciate that it doesn't last long and its so important to capture it. I force myself in front of the camera every month because I know I will cherish them as time goes on and I know my daughter will be thankful for them one day when she grows up.



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"Jaime has managed to capture some of my most cherished family photographs, she managed to capture the moments we take for granted as busy parents to really soak up and enjoy. She also managed to get all of us in the frame which can be a challenge with 3 little ones."

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"A camera is the save button for the mind's eye"

—Roger Kingston